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Welcome to the Charleston County School District 2020-2021 Choice Application Process

Please note that the Choice application process is not used to register a child for a given school. It is used to apply for consideration to attend a choice school. If an application is approved and seat is accepted, you will need to proceed to the Registration process for the choice school once Registrations open for the next school year.

You may submit applications for multiple programs. Please only apply to programs you are truly interested in attending.

Applying for multiple children in the family: To apply for another child, you start the process the same way by clicking on "CHOICE APPLICATION" in the left menu. After you've selected the school you wish to apply and in the "Begin Application" page, you will be prompted to "Continue with existing student" or to "Start application for another student". Choose this second option and question, if you already completed application for one child and now need to complete an application for another child.

Charleston County School District is required by federal and state laws, executive orders, rules and regulations not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, disability, sex, age, national origin, immigrant status or English-speaking status, or marital status. The board commits the district to nondiscrimination in all its education and employment activities and in all its dealings with the community.

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