Welcome to Charleston County School District's Online Registration and Application System

School districts across the country offering choices have greater parent involvement, more engaged learners, and a higher quality of education. This online system is designed to help families learn about and navigate their choices for their children's public education.

Charleston County School District (CCSD) assigns each school-aged child to a neighborhood school based on grade level and home address. To register for the zoned neighborhood school, select Registration .

If you desire your child to attend a school different from the assigned neighborhood school, you may submit a request to transfer to another neighborhood school or apply to be considered for admission to one of the district's specialized programs, magnets or chart schools.

CCSD provides a choice option called Student Transfer. If approved, this option will allow a child to attend a non-magnet school that is outside his/her normal attendance zone. To submit a request, select Student Transfer .

In addition, CCSD offers other dynamic choices, including specialized programs, magnets, and charter schools.

To apply to be considered for a specialized program or magnet school, select Choice Application .

For the 2017-2018 school year, CCSD charter schools, with the exception of Orange Grove Charter, will manage their own application process. To apply for Orange Grove Charter, select Choice Application.

Please know that there will be NO advantage provided based upon the order in which applications are received during the School Choice (January) and Student Transfer (March) windows.

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